The Glycemic Research Institute® is a Nationally Accredited Testing & Certification Organization approved by the United States government.

The Glycemic Research Institute® Certification Program and Certification Marks are Registered and Licensed by the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom governments, and accepted Worldwide per World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines.

The Glycemic Research Institute® government-issued Certification Marks represent 27-years of Clinical Research in the fields of the Glycemic Index, Diabetes, Cephalic Response, Obesity, Adipose Tissue Fat-Storage, and Childhood Obesity.

The Glycemic Research Institute® (GRI) Certification Marks are legally authorized to make a clinical statement, such as “LOW GLYCEMIC” or ‘DIABETIC FRIENDLY” or “LOW CEPHALIC INDEX” or “KID FRIENDLY” on an FDA label for a commercial food, Nutraceutical, beverage, or Pharmaceutical product.

Any Certification Mark statement representing a clinical claim must be backed by Human In Vivo Clinical Trials per FDA CFR 21 guidelines and per the Clinical Trials Guidelines submitted by the organization licensed to use said Certification Mark.

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