Sierra Foundation

Sierra Foundation
Special Service Dog Award

The Glycemic Research Institute’s philanthropic branch, the Sierra Foundation, is dedicated to providing pet food, medical treatment, bedding, and other pet needs, as a gift to special pets.

The Sierra Foundation has selected this year’s recipient of the 2009-2010 Special Service Dog Award, which was awarded to Doberman canine companion Maggie, who faithfully dedicates her life to her owner, Pamela Wier.

Maggie is a Seeing-Eye-Companion to Pamela, and is always by her side, providing love, companionship, and guidance. Pamela and Maggie have been together for the past seven years.

Despite their daily challenges, Maggie and Pamela remain outgoing and cheerful. In their hometown of Colorado Springs, Pamela is known for her infectious laugh and great sense of humor, which Maggie seems to thoroughly enjoy. Maggie and Pamela’s friends, Carl and Patti Grall, nominated Maggie for the 2009-2010 Special Service Dog Award.

The Sierra Foundation will supply all of Maggie’s nutritional needs for the next 12-months, including a complete supply of Merrick Low Glycemic Pet Foods, funded entirely by the Glycemic Research Institute®.

Congratulations to Maggie for a job well done !

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