The Medical Advisory Board, Senior Staff, and Associate Research Fellows of the Glycemic Research Institute® (GRI) provide Independent Pro Bono Certification for products that pass the strict GRI Protocols, by authorization of the United States government, the Canadian government and the United Kingdom government.

The Glycemic Research Institute (GRI) conducts Independent Clinical and Analytical research on Pet Foods and Pet Treats. GRI has examined hundreds of pet foods from 2004 to the present in order to determine the healthiest overall products, focusing on anti-aging, diabetes, arthritis, glycemic, and blood glucose and insulin response, in the canine and feline.

The Pet Treat of the Year is a global award presented by the Glycemic Research Institute®, for the Best Overall Healthiest Pet Treats.

The strict Award criteria involves in-depth analysis of the product and its suitability, based on ingredients, glycemic-response, diabetic-response, anti-aging factors, and biochemical requirements of the species.

As a Non-Profit independent research organization, the Glycemic Research Institute® has no ties to the pet food industry, and does not accept monies from any company for the Pet Food of the Year Award or any other Pet Food Award.

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